Pianos are remarkable instruments with hundreds of moving parts and over 200 separate strings. Keeping a piano working well and in tune is an on-going process. 

 A grand action ready for regulation

A Grand action ready for regulating

I generally advise tuning at least twice a year - once after the summer humidity has settled in (June or July), and again after the Winter dryness has settled in (December or January). You can get by tuning just once a year, but, for those last couple of months, the piano will be quite noticeably out of tune!

If you want a well tuned piano at all times, tuning 4 times a year is what I recommend.

In addition to tuning, I can also help with:

  • Replacing broken strings
  • fixing stuck or broken keys
  • repairing pedals that don't work properly
  • regulating the action (this can dramatically improve the "feel" of your piano)
  • moving your piano